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We are a passionate and dedicated group of professionals who produces beautiful (Bella) and stylish (Chic) weddings across the pacific. Our tight-knit team has been handpicked for its experience, cultural savvy and dedication to delivering on every detail. Whether you are visiting our site with your own celebration in mind, or just taking a look around, we hope you will find the information helpful.


Welcome to Bella Chic Events Group


The Bella Chic Events Group have an unrivalled dedication that will bring you peace of mind in the knowledge you are in the safest pair of hands imaginable!  We plan, style and execute base on your desire. Crafting beautiful parties wedding and corporate experiences, our team uses cutting edge production techniques, artistic styling to encapsulate and enhance every occasion. For us the process never stops; it just keeps on improving. Our process has been developed to allow us to enhance our clients’ strategic ambitions, enabling their visions to become a reality. We provide event planning services from conception to conclusion.


Established as a leading event management company, Bella Chic Events Group have continued to produce a multitude of prestigious events and celebrations for our clients.  This is our expertise, carefully perfected over time to consider every aspect of planning, production and unparalleled experience. Entertaining intricate detail and demands, we go to great lengths to make everything possible, primed with the precision required to execute the perfect event.


We have the expertise to source unique venues creating bespoke events that are special and individual to each client irrespective of size or budget. We are also strong supporters of different foundations, organizations and in our community. When we plan your event or wedding, we are changing peoples’ lives. This year we donated 10% of our income to Erin Mills Youth centre.


Bella Chic Events Group is a breath of fresh air. Allow us to nurture your vision, to capture the enthusiasm and conceptualize the creativity.  Let us carefully manage every detail and let you enjoy the moment, engaging your guests with a successful and memorable event. Our level of involvement is up to you; we can totally manage the event, taking on all the arrangements and logistics, or just take on selected elements of the event.


Here are some breath taking reasons to hire us on your wedding:


• Where do I even start moment

• Aside from Klienfield, where do I buy my   wedding dress

• What do my wedding flowers mean?

• How do I word my invitations? When do I send it? How do I address my guests?

• When you visit Tiffany for wedding rings

• How big is my wedding cake?

• Should I have a vintage inspired wedding? maybe modern or chic?

• I want to marry my partner

• I’ll say I do with my guests in lake Como, Hawaii, Bahamas or Mexico

• What gift do I give to my bridal party?

• Writing the vows moment

• What songs do we play at our wedding

• I am planning it but I want to have fun on the day of the wedding

• How do I start a wedding ceremony rehearsal

• Am I protected from the wedding vendors?

• I’m on a budget

• Who can design and style my wedding

• Do I tip the vendors moment

• My mom wants to plan my wedding moment

• I work full-time and I’m stressed out

• I need a wedding expert advice moment

• When he asked “Will you marry me?”

• I want an outdoor wedding

• There is no budget

• I need an expert moment


We have a flexible and consultative approach and we’ll do as much or as little as you need to support you in this complex and time-consuming area. If you have a specific goal in mind we can help you achieve them. We create special memories for wonderful people and we would love to create something special for you.


Our Tico certificate number is T764884. We are proud to be a Wedluxe glitterati member.


We are also honoured to support the following dynamic and progressive organizations.


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